Microsoft brings its AI Chatbot to the Bing Application on iPhone and Android

Microsoft recently released the preview of its new Bing and Edge applications for iPhone and Android operating systems, which include new features such as voice search and access to its AI-powered chatbot.

In the Bing mobile application, users can press the Bing icon to begin a chat session, where they can inquire about a variety of questions through text or voice. It can display answers in bullet points, in simplified responses, or in a traditional text format. Microsoft said that users can access updates to the Bing application via the homepage of the Edge mobile application.

Microsoft also announced AI-enabled Bing for Skype. Users can add Microsoft’s AI to group chats and ask questions. The chatbot can provide answers for the complete group.

Users can inquire about Bing for suggestions on different aspects such as travel. They can also ask about the weather or recent award shows.

It will display answers in bullet points, simplified responses, or text format.

Bing in Skype is accessible in a worldwide preview.