Google CEO Says, Society Needs to Brace for the Impact of AI Acceleration

Google and Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai said every product of every company will be impacted by the rapid development of AI, warning that society needs to prepare for technologies like the ones it’s already launched.

Pichai said, “We need to adapt as a society for it. Jobs that AI would disrupt would include knowledge workers, accountants, architects, and, ironically, even software engineers.”

Pichai added, “This is going to impact every product across every company. For example, you could be a radiologist if you think about five to 10 years from now; you’re going to have an AI collaborator with you. You come in the morning, let’s say you have a hundred things to go through. It may say, ‘These are the most serious cases you need to look at first.’”

Pichai warned of AI’s consequences, “The scale of the problem of disinformation and fake news and images will be much bigger. It could cause harm.”